About Us

Our founder experienced firsthand how important having access to filtered ice and drinking water was at an early age. Today, the lack of affordable, accessible, filtered ice and drinking water has quietly grown into an epidemic. It is hard to understand why there is no access to affordable, filtered ice and drinking water that still affects millions of Americans daily.

Water insecurity means "the lack of access to an affordable and reliable source of water, of appropriate quality and quantity, to meet the needs of the local human population and environment."

Water insecurity has quietly become an American epidemic, and it has also become a global one! The global water insecurity epidemic has become her passion to help find solutions for the tens of millions who do not have access to affordable filtered ice or drinking water.

Our company is in Franklin, TN. Our equipment and company comply with NAMA industry standards in manufacturing and all FDA requirements. We are proud the equipment we use is manufactured and assembled in the United States of America! We are working on solutions to help reduce water insecurities across America. One way is by partnering with as many business locations as possible, giving access to affordable filtered ice and drinking water via our ice and water vending machines.

We have launched our emergency rapid response service that works with local, county, state, or federal agencies so we can support communities when an emergency or disaster occurs, regardless of a community's location or situation.

Join us in helping to ensure everyone has access to affordable, sustainable, filtered ice and drinking water!

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